Magics News · Barberton City Schools Students Stay Active and Healthy at HOME

We here in the BHS Athletic Office miss seeing all of our BCSD students and staff.  We miss the sound of our students in our gyms, weight-room, on the track and using all of the outside facilities.  We cannot wait till our students, staff and community are back in all of our buildings.  In order for that to happen, we need to keep everyone safe and healthy by staying home and following the guidelines established by our state and federal government (CDC Information).

We all have a variety of great activities and creative work from our teachers to keep our school work going while were at home.  It is also important to keep our bodies and minds healthy as well.

Staying healthy is very important during the COVID-19 Crisis and is something that we all need to do.  It is important for all of us to stay active with a HOME routine for physical activity and the American Heart Association has some great resources for all of us.  Some of these opportunities we have included below to keep our bodies and minds healthy.

We hope to see all of you sometime soon, but until then please take care of your family and neighbors.  Stay tuned to the Barberton City Schools Website and our BHS Athletic Website for more information and updates.